Warranty claims

Breakdowns in duty or damages detected on products prior to the expiry of warranty (claim form) need to be, if they are induced with material faults or bad manufacturing quality, reported to manufacturer KONČAR - MES d.d. indicating the following data :

  • the number of packing list or invoice of the delivered product
  • catalogue mark of the deficient product (serial and code number)
  • the reason of claim, description of the defect, related photos or videos

Remark: the description “doesn´t work” won´t be accepted, please state the problem occured

Breakdowns in duty or damages due to inadequate use and careless transportation / storage / connecting, are not considered as justified warranty claims during period of warranty. The same is valid also if the product, before it’s return to the manufacturer, was disassembled during period of warranty.

Declaration of warranty

Quality management system introduced in KONČAR–MES d.d. is certified in accordance with the requests stated in ISO 9001. Based on this, regular work of our products is assured with rigorous process control and final inspection prior to shipment to the customer, on the grounds of which the warranty is issued. If despite this, irregular operation or disturbance in duty would occur, caused by bad manufacturing quality or material fault, we commit ourselves to cover the costs of repair and reestablish guaranteed validity of the product.

Warranty is valid for 12 months in accordance with the General terms of sale or according to the contract from the day of product sale/collection. The customer is obliged to follow the operation and maintenance instructions attached to every product.

In case of complaint and reclamation to the delivered product the customer is obliged to provide the packing list or inovice, which is also valid as warranty.

If by inspection KONČAR-MES d.d. establishes that the malfunction is caused by a product defect within the warranty period, and in accordance with the warranty, KONČAR-MES d.d. will bear all repair costs.

If it is found that the cause of malfunction on the product is outside the warranty period, the customer will bear all costs of repair.

Customer will lose his warranty claims in case of:

  • mechanical damage caused by the customer
  • improper use or disassembly of the product, failure to comply with the given instructions
  • unauthorized disassemblyof the product
  • mechanical, chemical, thermal or any other damage as a result of aggressive environment or bad weather conditions
  • dissatisfaction with the performance caused by improper product selection
  • application with technically non-conforming products
  • poor maintenance of the product as well as replacing parts of the product with unoriginal ones

KONČAR-MES d.d. will not be held responsible for the loss of income, loss due to the inability of use, interruption of production, lost jobs or indirect, immaterial, collateral or consequential damage to the customer or any third party.