Končar-MES Inc. is one of many members of Končar Electrical Industries Group and derives from a branch of a company called Siemens which was founded by „Elektra“ Inc. on 21 th of January 1921. In 1925. a serial production of electric products started among which is the production of electric motors according to the projects. In 1946. company changed its name into „Rade Koncar“. In the upcoming years there were some reorganizations and changing in title, but the production line stayed the same. Company earned a reputation of a manufacturer of electric motors based on a long tradition lasting until this very day. In 1996. some organizational changes were made and from than until now company operates as Končar-MES Inc. (as a member of Končar Electrical Industries Group). Management bord is oriented on permanent expansion on domestic and international market. The company is constantly expanding its production line by developing new products in order to fulfil specific needs of future customers. Likewise, Koncar-MES Inc. is investing in new machines and devices as well as people. Being the only manufacturer od electric motors in the country company turns to innovations that will bring prosperity for the company and for the customers. Products are characterised as premium quality products with high reliability according to documentations and certificates provided by the official institutions.


1946. 1946
  • founding of RADE KONČAR
1955. timeline-1955
  • manufacturing 2AZ
1960. timeline-1946-osnivanje-koncar-mesa
  • serial production of small electric motors
1970. 1970
  • manufacturing of new series 4AZ
1975. 1975
  • manufacturing of new series 5AZ
1980. 1980
  • manufacturing of electromotors with mounted brake - 4AZK and 5AZK
1985. 1985
  • manufacturing of explosion proof motors 4AT and 5AT according to Ex agency
1995. 1995.
  • manufacturing of new series 5AZ and 7AZ
1999. timeline-1999-2
  • ISO 9001
2003. timeline-2003-3
  • the development of explosion proof motors according to ATEX with international certificates
  • ISO 14001
2008. 2008
  • serial production of fans
2011. 2011
  • the development of high efficiency electric motors IE2 – E5AZ and E7AZ
2014. 2014
  • manufacturing of electromotors with IE3 efficiency