Environmental Protection


Environmental protection

The company is aware of its responsibilities towards the environment within it acts. Environmental management is included among the highest business priorities and objectives and the planning and observation of implemented is monitored through the Annual Plan.The company has established the environmental protection management system according to the ISO 14001 standard, whose consistent implementation constantly undertakes education and motivation of employees, develops their awareness of the need to protect the environment and to prevent its pollution and to rationally and efficiently use the energy and other natural resources to reduce its deteriorating. The company controls all environmental aspects by reducing the negative influences of its activities and it constantly improves all the achieved results of the environmental management by obeying all Croatian laws and regulations as well as legal norms and standards. The purpose is to prevent incidents by applying permanent control and preventive action. The environmental protection management policy is available to all interested parties on the company web site and it is known to all employees who are in charge of its implementation.

Health and safety of employees

In accordance with the legal regulations of the Republic of Croatia the company conducts risk identification, assessment and control which may affect the health and safety of the employees and third parties. It permanently and universally plans, carries out and evaluates qualification criteria for all employees for safety while performing work processes. It carries out the preliminary and periodic controls of the employees’ health capacities. It performs inspection of: physical and chemical factors at work places, installations at the facilities, machines and units with the increased risk. It raises awareness and understanding of individual obligations of employees and it encourages their active involvement in the processes of creation, reconsideration and improvement of protection at work places.