About Us

koncar-zgrade Končar-MES Inc. is a croatian company which manufactures electromotors (three-phase motors, single-phase motors, brake motors, flame-proof motors and servo motors), fans and electrical drives. Končar-MES Inc. is a member of Končar Group being in its 100% ownership and employs around two hundred qualified workers who are ready to adapt to different demands of customers and markets at any given time. Production programme based on 60 years of experience involving our own development, constant improvement of technology, work processes as well as quality service represents a good basis for achieving our longterm goals. Production capacity is 150.000 electromotors per year and one of our most valuable assets are competent and educated employees with an emphasis on engineers who use their knowledge and capabilities when applying new ideas in various products. With our business strategy we strive to be among the most successful manufacturers of drive technology in the world market. We are meeting market demands and demands of our customers which proves our place in the top producer of electric motors and drives in the region and the fact that more than 60% of our products are exported to the markets of the European Union. ColoredBlankMap-World-10E-01